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The Datsun pickup started a mini-truck revolution when it landed here in the late 1950s, and while other manufacturers copied the Datsun recipe for success, the original Datsun pickups started a trend that is still with us today. So, whether you drive a 320, a 520 / 521, a 620 or a 720, you've found a home. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Featured: Anthony's 720

Who autocrosses a Datsun 720?

Follow along as Anthony shows you what the autocross truck can do... Try and keep up!

Featured: Jerry's 521

Classic JDM parts hauler

Jerry rescues a $500 Datsun 521 from a life of obscurity and makes it awesome - Check it out!

Featured: Greg's NL320

The roots of Datsun's pickup revolution

One of the rarest of the Datsun pickups, this NL320 serves "Sunday driver" duties while patiently awaiting its frame-off restoration.

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